YouTube Pro APK v22.00 [Official] Latest 2023

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Are you tired of seeing advertisements, on YouTube videos and feeling annoyed by those that cannot be skipped? If so then you should consider downloading the YouTube Pro Apk, which unlocks the potential of YouTube with its version. It provides premium features like ad browsing, background play and offline viewing. The best part is that this app is available for free to everyone and you can easily install it on your device without having to remove the app.

Now enhance your YouTube experience. Have control, over how you consume content. Don’t wait any download YouTube Pro APK today. Take your enjoyment to a whole new level!

What is YouTube Pro APK?

YouTube Pro Apk is a modified version of YouTube that enables you to instantly download videos onto your Android device. One of the advantages of this YouTube Mod is that it grants users access, to all the restricted content on YouTube. Moreover the App provides an interface to YouTube ensuring that you have access to all the standard features. You have the option to select video quality ranging from 144p, to 1080p. Additionally this version supports formats, including 360 degree views and 4k Ultra HD.

Explore About YouTube Pro APK:

Easy to use interface

A premium logo will appear at the top of the Youtube Pro Apk’s UI. This premium logo will improve the look of your YouTube pro. It will have the appearance of the official YouTube Premium app. This app’s user interface will make it easier to use.

You can do multitasking with this Pro Apk

Youtube Pro Apk offer Background Play feature free of cost. It allows you to do multitasking without any interruptions. Furthermore, it also offer Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode,which enables you to watch videos while performing other tasks in a tiny window. You can smoothly switch between work and leisure with the latest version, improving your productivity.

Save your precious time

After the great success of TikTok, all of the other popular social media platforms launched their own short videos. Watching these videos will be more time consuming. Many people are unaware of how much time they have wasted while watching Shorts. Youtube Pro Apk allows you to disable Youtube Shorts so that you may spend your valuable time on more productive activities.

Block sponsor ads with one click

The latest feature of Youtube Pro Apk is the ability to block the sponsor video. You can now avoid the creator’s ads with a single click. Simply select the skip sponsor tab and ignore advertising. The sponsored stuff will never destroy your video viewing experience.

Seamless integration with existing Youtube account

Most important aspects of YouTube Pro is its seamless integration with your existing YouTube account. You may transfer all of your YouTube data to YouTube Pro Apk by logging in with your YouTube credentials and continue to watch videos from accounts you have subscribed to. While you can still use the app without logging in.

No extra step to change the video quality

To alter the quality of your video on the current version, you must go through multiple steps. Don’t worry, the previous quality interface has returned. All you have to do now is click on the video quality options and select the required quality.

Basic Information About YouTube Pro APK:

Name YouTube Pro APK
Mod Feature Unlimited Customization
Size60.2 MB
Developer Google LLC
GenreVideo player
Get it onGoogle Play store
Updated1 day ago

Quality Features of YouTube Pro APK:

All of these features are available for free. This YouTube mod grants users free access to YouTube Premium features. You don’t have to pay anything to get a premium YouTube experience.

Download Youtube Pro Apk and enjoy an ad-free experience. You don’t have to waste time watching those offensive advertisements.

You may quickly download any video you want using Youtube Pro. The video you downloaded will be stored in the device gallery. There is no requirement for a third-party software to download video.

This app enable users to control video functions with swiping controls. Swipe controls, similar to MX Player, can be used to alter video brightness and volume.

YouTube Pro Apk also has a ‘Play on TV’ feature that allows you to send YouTube material directly to your tv and watch it.

The app gives you complete control over your video watching experience since if you don’t like the video, you can easily dislike it using the dislike button.

Having stories appear while scrolling through YouTube may not be ideal. That’s why this modified version introduced a feature that allows you to hide stories.

In YouTube Pro Apk, you can hide the full-screen panels. Enabling this option will conceal the explanation box and settings.

What if I told you you could switch your homepage to a subscription? That is correct. This function is ver handy for users who only want to see content from channels that they have subscribed to.

This App removes all restrictions for users. You can even access and play videos that are restricted in your location.

This app allows you to override codec parameters. It allows you to force H264 for VP9 and previous devices. You can also easily disable 60FPS and force HDR playback from the Settings menu.

Frequently Asked Questions About YouTube Pro APK:

Is YouTube Pro Apk safe?

The App is completely safe to download and use. You can safely download this app from our website.

Why doesn’t YouTube Pro Apk work?

YouTube Pro does not work for a variety of reasons. The most likely cause is device incompatibility.

How much does YouTube Pro cost?

The App is completely free to use. You don’t have to pay a dime to gain access to YouTube Premium features.


Youtube Pro Apk is the bes entertaining application for Android devices. With this you can unlock all the premium features for free. Besides, You can do multitasking, save your precious time, block sponsor ads and change the video quality. This App has many advantages that you can explore by downloading the App. So, download this modified version of Youtube and enjoy a premium experience for free.

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