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If you enjoy action games and are looking for new ones, here we will introduce you to new title. School Dot Fight Mod Apk that has successfully grabs millions of hearts every day. It is an action-packed game that addresses the current issue of school violence in a unique and enjoyable way. This game gives players the option of putting themselves in the shoes of a high school girl. With enormous strength, she goes on a mission to eradicate bullying and assure student safety. In this apk game you’ll get through several schools challenging and fighting those which engage in violence. You must use your combat skills to defeat all enemies in your path.

This pixel art-based game contains five stages with varied levels of difficulty, so there should be something for everyone. It is available for free on your Android device. Continue reading to find out more about this fascinating action game!!

About School Dot Fight Mod Apk:

Action and role-players can enjoy School Dot Fight Apk, a free-to-play computer game. You’ll fight the bullies at school and take on the persona of a resilient schoolgirl. They are made up of a sizable group of individuals that are constantly looking for excuses to fight other pupils. Playing the game School Dot Fight allows you to experience a realistic depiction of school fights.

At School Dot Fight you will be involved in the main task of fighting the violent and saving friends from their grip. In order to accomplish those objectives, you need to have excellent fighting skills, accuracy in each blow, thorough strategic planning to enhance your chances of winning in all matches. If you win more and receive more awards, you will be able to swiftly unlock things, additional game levels, and more appealing features. Items, weapons, and money, in particular, will be valuable tools that will help you quickly perform tasks in order to achieve your ultimate goal.

School Dot Fight Mod Apk has a variety of stages to test players’ battling talents. You must complete five levels ranging from easy to difficult. You may easily complete the first three levels because this is just the beginning of fighting and meeting the leader’s juniors. And in the next two levels, which are far more challenging, you will face more foes and encounter the strongest.

Basic Information about School Dot Fight Mod Apk:

App Name School Dot Fight Mod Apk
Category Action
Requires Android 5.1 and up
Version 1.2
Size 23.2 MB

Features of School Dot Fight Mod Apk:

To fully comprehend School Dot Fight Mod Apk, examine the features listed below.

  • Fast Pace Gameplay:

Enjoying fast paced combat settings where the tempo escalate foes become much larger and harmful. React quickly and make split-second decisions; even minor delays might lead to defeat.

  • Inspiring Schoolgirl Hero:

The role of a high school girl with amazing skills meets the dreams of which who strive to became a hero and escape out of the cycle of bullying at school

  • The Game’s world

The environment in which the game School Dot Fight apk takes place is big, vibrant, and varied. In addition to classrooms, players can visit the school’s playgrounds, sports facilities, and student activity spaces. There are distinct objectives, various opponents, and collectible special objects in every region.

  • Create your own fighting style

This School Dot Fight APK is so appealing that you won’t be able to ignore any enemies once you start fighting. It progresses quickly depending on the number of monsters you fight. The game speed will gradually rise, so you must be careful of several dangers that will appear at any time. So, you must carefully prepare to fight. If you do not anticipate the attacks, you will be easily defeated.

  • Simple console

It provides players a friendly interface that lets users to play in a simple way when downloaded and guided in detail. With a straightforward controller, players are able to move and plan out attacks to take out enemies while fighting.

  • In-game sound graphics

The context of the game will revolve around various classrooms such as: music room, classroom, gymnasium, experiment or hallway beyond the classroom. The scenes are represented by 2D images behind the beautifully crafted lines. The colors of the game are vibrant and eye-catching. Furthermore, the sound that comes with the effects is also highly appealing for players to enjoy the ideal feeling.

  • Classic Pixel Art Graphics:

Captivate you on the forever charm of classic 2D pixels art of visuals. The beautifully crafts characters, locations and fighting effects pay attention to the fight games of 90s provides attractive visual experience.

  • Various game levels

Discover five expansive levels, each having multiple stages and increasingly difficult opponents. Continue to improve your combat abilities in order to overcome the various trials that are presented. Battle in diverse educational settings such as the music room, gymnasiums, classrooms, and labs.

  • Create desired character

In this virtual world, players can build their own characters. You can change everything you like from hair to clothes. You can also adjust your character’s personality as well as his or her appearance. It’s too simple to adore being a macho guy or a dumpling chick. At the same time, players in this game can do whatever they desire to assert themselves.

Method to install School dot fight mod apk:

Follow the given below steps to install School dot fight mod apk;

Step 1: Uninstall previous versions of game

Before anything else, uninstall any previous versions of School dot fight apk from your mobile phone.

Step 2: Download mod apk

Now download this mod apk from the given download button.

Step 3: Open the settings

Now open the settings in your device and click on security option.

Step 4: Enable unknown sources

Enable unknown sources option.

Step 5: Click on the apk file

Click on the apk file and install it on your device.

Step 6: Select “Settings”

When you begin installing the app, a popup screen will appear. You must select “Settings” to enable installation from unknown sources.

Step 7: Click on “Allow from this source”

Click on “Allow from this source”. Now, you can install app from unknown sources.

Step 8: Application will be installed

Return and repeat the installation. In a few minutes, the application will be successfully installed.

Pros and Cons of School Dot Fight Mod Apk:


  • School Dot Fight Apk mobile game is not only a source of pure entertainment but also provides numerous advantages to players that are given below;
  • Firstly, the game assists players in developing strategic thinking skills and effective resource management. To defeat their opponents, players must plan and use their items and equipment optimally.
  • Secondly, School Dot Fight allows players improve their skills in dealing with challenging situations and making quick decisions. To win in fierce conflicts, players must quickly recognize and exploit their opponents’ weaknesses.
  • The game also improves communication and teamwork abilities. It allows players to take part in community activities as such, it promotes the development of communication and teamwork skills in a safe and enjoyable environment, which is something everyone desires.


  • This game is only available on Android devices, which limits its usability.
  • This game has in-app purchases feature that may be expensive for some users.
  • Some graphics and animations used in the game could be improved upon.
  • The overall difficulty level of School Dot Fight might not suitable to all players as it tends towards being challenging rather than easy or modest.

Frequently asked questions about School dot fight mod apk:

Q 1: What is School Dot Fight game?

A: School Dot Fight is a mobile gaming app that enables players to compete in exciting and strategic turn-based fighting.

Q 2. Is School dot fight mod apk free?

Ans. Yes, the School dot fight apk is completely free.

Q 3. Is School Dot Fight Mod Apk compatible with Android devices?

Ans. Yes, School Dot Fight Mod Apk game is accessible on Android devices.

Q 4. Is School Dot Fight safe to play?

Ans. Yes, it is safe to play. To reduce the possibility of virus, make sure you download it from an authorized website.

Q 5. How can I get School Dot Fight mod apk for my phone?

Ans. This website offers the most recent mobile version of the game for download.


School Dot Fight Mod Apk is a highly entertaining and exciting game for elementary and middle school students. This game not only provides entertainment but also assists young players to learn necessary skills such as analytical thinking, resource management, fast decision-making, and effective communication. However, players should be aware of crucial points such as avoiding violence, keeping control, and utilizing devices with adequate configurations for the optimal gaming experience.

It is anticipated that after reading the information and tips above, you will have a better grasp of the most recent version of School Dot Fight and be able to get the most out of the game. Get the most recent version of School Dot Fight and play it now to enjoy some leisure time.

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